Winter Solstice 2011 – A Call to Power

This time of year, when more recently created religious holidays are celebrated by millions around the world, there is an underlying, ancient calling deep within us to align with the energies of the Earth, with nature in its most raw and primeval workings.

At the precise moment of the Solstice (5:30 UTC 12-22-11 or 9:30pm Pacific 12-21-11), when the tilt of the Earth reaches its furthest extreme and then shifts in the opposite direction, there is a cosmic pause. This pause is much like the brief gap we experience between the in breath and the out breath.

It’s a grand celestial moment to pause in consciousness and embrace our innate gifts and wisdom, a moment to open into spaciousness and possibility. For the next 24 hours, connect with this powerful energy of the planet shifting on its axis. Allow yourself to grow in strength and be transformed.

(Photo credit: Scott Lapp)

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