The Domes – Indoor/Outdoor Living in Phoenix

Bedroom Dome, Living Room/Kitchen Dome, and Art Studio

For the last year I’ve lived in a crazy assortment of three buildings: two geodesic domes and an art studio. It’s been an unusual, inspiring place to live and create. When I moved here I intended to start painting again. Instead I was led to write Nature Whispering.

It’s been quite an adventure on this unique property. During the time I’ve lived here, the property was designated a historic site by the City of Phoenix.

It’s a well-deserved honor. The 1970’s era, hippy/artist-built domes are on an old ranch situated on the edge of the North Phoenix Preserve – 10,000 acres of wild, mountainous land in the middle of the urban Phoenix sprawl. There’s an old stone building that was once a stagecoach stop; wagon trails leading off to old gold, silver, and turqoise mines (now sealed off); horses (and one lovable mule named Red) boarding across the gully, hiking trails off into the preserve, and desert wildlife of every kind.

The DomesLiving in the domes is definitely living close to nature. In fact, it feels a little like camping, or as a friend said, “Seems like living on an old, leaky boat.” New leaks spring up with every heavy rain, the power goes out fairly often, and there’s an attic vent in the roof of each dome – but no attics, so when the wind blows you can feel it swirl down inside and circle around. Heating and cooling are an artform. And the domes aren’t connected so getting from kitchen-to-studio-to-bedroom means going between all three buildings. You’re outside a lot whether you like it or not.

Session Room

Entryway into my Healing Room

I’ve always had the soul of an artist with a love of unique, wild, funky, crazy houses. I’d say the inconveniences have been worth it for the magic of getting to live in an extraordinary place. It’s been an enchanted year here doing my healing work and writing this book, Nature Whispering. Now the book is done, the lease is up, and it’s time to move on to a new adventure. And maybe carpet.


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