Do you feel stressed out, in need of a relaxing escape from the pressures of life?

Whether you’re taking a hike, going on an outdoor vacation, relaxing on your porch at home, or escaping to an exotic ecoretreat, these 148 Nature Whispering activities and 148 inspiring nature quotes will dramatically enhance your experience and renew your soul.

Would you like to…

  • Experience more breathtaking moments of astonishment?
  • Come alive again as you rediscover your earthy, playful childlike self?
  • Relax and receive the exquisite healing powers of the natural world?
  • Feel you are deeply loved and that you belong?
  • Awaken your senses to the dazzling energies of nature?
  • Talk with animals, receive messages from trees, and always feel surrounded by friends?
  • Remember your sacred mission and purpose?
  • Easily tap into the teachings and wisdom of nature anytime you have a question or concern?

This heart-warming guide provides a wide range of simple ways to engage with the beauty and magic of life, as well as a deeply healing, visionary perspective of humanity’s place in the natural world. Written as a guidebook for adults, Nature Whispering is also a rich resource of creative, magical ideas that get kids excited to go outside and have fun.

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About the Book

Nature Whispering is an elegantly concise, 182-page guide to 148 different ways to engage with nature and have a magical, mystical experience. Each activity is paired with a related nature quote by a famous author. The tone is upbeat and positive with a focus on the joy and beauty of life – 100% gloom and doom free.

It’s a handy, Do-It-Yourself book with an abundance of ideas for cultivating “moments of astonishment” out in nature. It has one primary goal: to bring more beauty, awe, and wonder into people’s lives.

Who it’s for:

  • Nature lovers who want an even deeper experience outdoors.
  • Parents who want to give their kids great reasons to go outside and play. (Did you know the average child today only spends 5-7 minutes a day outdoors?)
  • Travelers to nature destinations or sacred sites.
  • People and companies seeking to tap into the rich resources of their creativity.
  • Ecoresorts, destination hotels, and spas/retreats wanting to give their guests an easy way to have unforgettable experiences during their stay.
  • Outdoor educators and nature guides who’d like some fresh, creative ideas for things to do with clients or who would like to create an additional income stream by promoting the book as a supplemental, take-home item for clients.
  • Anyone who has ever found themselves wondering what to do once they’ve arrived at an expensive vacation destination.
  • Stressed out people who need some simple thoughts or actions to grab hold of, some ways to slow down and engage with nature so that they can experience the magic, mystery and spiritual meaning we all crave.

Inspiration and Intentions
Attitudes and Instructions for Enchantment
~Be Prepared
~Be Safe
~Embrace your Childlike Curiosity
~Quiet Down, Listen
~Trust Your Natural Intuition
~Transform your Life with Beauty and Pleasure
~Cultivate Sacred Wonder
~Practice Exquisite Mindfulness
~Embark upon a Visionary Pilgrimage
~Step Through the Doorway into Magic Time
~Follow Original Thought to your Sacred Mission
~Be Showered in Blessings
~Give with Grace
~Breathe with your Heart
148 Ideas
~Create a Book of Wonders
~Awaken to the Oracle of the Earth
~Activate the Power of Slowing Down
~Surrender, Do Nothing, Just Be
~Bless the World with your Radiant Gratitude
~Find Enchantment in the Simple Things of Nature
~Experiment with Mystical Portals of Perception
~Explore the Ecstasies of your Body
~Let Loose with Sacred, Silly Play
~Fall in Love with All the World
~Sense the Energies in Nature
~Become a Nature Whisperer
~Lavish your Land with Affection and Care
Selected Bibliography
About the Author

Becoming re-enchanted with nature is an essential piece of coming back into balance and leading much happier, more satisfying lives. I hope Nature Whispering will contribute to this transformation by creating easy portals into beauty, awe, and wonder.

Special Offer ~ Autographed Copy of the book:

For a limited time only, you can order a personally autographed copy of the book directly from the author if you use this special link:



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